Ballymun Job Centre

The Ballymun Job Centre (BJC) was established in 1986 as a community response to a chronic unemployment situation. Since opening, the BJC has adapted to changes in the environment in order to respond more effectively to the needs of the community. A voluntary organisation with charitable status, the BJC has a proven track record of providing quality and innovative services. The overall objective of the BJC is to provide individuals with greater labour market choice and the opportunity to improve their employability, increase their earning potential and reduce their vulnerability to poverty. The BJC has a strong belief in the need to remain innovative and to try new ideas to address identified issues arising from the day to day experience of clients. Since the mid-90’s BJC has accessed and managed various EU and private trust funded programmes, which provide us with the resources necessary to be innovative and to test new ideas and ways of working. Over the years the BJC has made determined efforts to ensure that the lessons and work of the EU projects improved the delivery of services and the way that we work with clients. 


Rinova is a training, development and management services company, supporting its partners to design, deliver and improve the services that they offer in the following areas: Employment, Skills and Learning, Arts and Culture and Social Action and Enterprise. We keep ourselves up to date with policy initiatives, programmes and policy in these areas – but our passion is to respond to them by working ‘bottom up’ with our partners – designing and implementing solutions, extracting and publicising the lessons. We are a social enterprise, in that we are a business with social objectives that has no external shareholders. By adding value to our partners and providing our partners and funders with the best customer service, we aim to make surpluses which are re-invested to support our social goals.


MetropolisNet is a unique network of different types of organisations developing and implementing local strategies for employ­ment and social inclusion in a number of European cities. MetropolisNet assists inter-city and inter-organisation collaboration in promoting the local, regional, and transnational dimensions of EU policies on employment, social inclusion and local development. It links large European cities in the context of the EU 2020 strategy. MetropolisNet is a European organisation dealing with the topics of local development through exchange, knowledge and experimentation of strategies, projects and programmes across the EU.


Youth Development and Integration Association STRIM is one of the most active organisation in youth field in the Malopolska region. During 15 years of our existence we have implemented around 520 projects for young people and with young people. STRIM was established in 2001 in Krakow, as a non-governmental organisation, gathering people sensitive for the social issues.
Members of our association are active people willing to undertake actions aimed at building open-minded society, interested in youth problems, international education and culture. STRIM leads a wide number of diverse projects in Poland and beyond it’s boarders, mainly in the field of culture and intercultural education.


Turku Vocational Institute (TAI) educates thousands of students for vocational upper secondary qualifications, vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications. Individual studying choices ensure that the student gets a suitable and functional curriculum. For example, conducting a double degree offers a great prerequisite for further studies. In addition to vocational studies, TAI coaches and trains students with immigrant backgrounds towards a career. Learning the basics of the Finnish language through basic education for adults creates a good and efficient stepping stone for operating as a Finnish citizen. The preparatory education for vocational education provides guidance and instruction for students who are still unsure of their future and professional career.


CIOFS-FP is a non-profit association that deals with vocational training and the labour market. The Association currently operates in 11 Italian regions with about 60 vocational training centres involving more than 900 trainers and with a variety of initial and continuing training offers in various sectors, guidance services, employment services and business services, initiatives and projects, reaching more than 16,000 trainees each year. 


•    Provide continuing education, personalised training, counselling and guidance to young people and customers;

•    Organisation and management of training courses for trainers; 

•    Personalised employment pathways for young people, women and migrants at risk of social exclusion;

•    Promotion of national and transnational networks, exchanges, peer reviews, study groups, dissemination and mainstreaming activities for policy makers       and public authorities;

•    Research and experimentation of digital skills and soft skills, ITCs for planning and innovating the services offered;

•    On-the-job training companies have developed in many sectors and with different forms on the national territory, as a privileged way to access the                  labour market for young people with greater difficulties.