About Us

About Yec

Young People are often encouraged to develop technical skills needed to enter the labour market, but competences on how to conduct themselves in the workplace, as well as create opportunities for employment mobility for themselves can be neglected, despite disadvantaged young people having few opportunities to be exposed to these key skills. The YEC project aims to help young people and youth workers/guidance practitioners to identify key gaps in employability competences and address these through youth worker led training modules. 

the objectives of yec

  • Increase employability of young people
  • Increase validation of young people’s employability competences
  • Increase engagement of young people and employers in competency tool development
  • Increase the focus on young people’s employability among young people and their practitioners


achieving our goals

The following actions form the main tasks within the project and involve, research, content development, engaging stakeholders and advisory boards, development of training programmes, piloting, external & internal monitoring and evaluation.

  • Develop & pilot a methodology which creates a space for dialogue between young people, employers and the project partnership when developing project tools.
  • Creation of employability competences training modules for young people, with particular focus on the personal, social and learning to learn competency from the Council of The European Union.
  • Creation of train the trainer course with specific focus on youth workers and guidance practitioners engaging with young people who are seeking employment
  • Creation of a guide for local youth workers and practitioners to map the modules from the train the trainer course, or any employability skills training, onto current validation systems under ET 2020.